SMSF Audit & Assurance

SMSF Audit & Assurance Services

Accurate and transparent of financial information is essential in an ever-changing world of economic uncertainty. JWH Tax & Super Accounting is an independent firm of Chartered Accountants offering a specialised SMSF audit service for accountants and Self Managed Superannuation Fund administrators. Greater efficiency and profitability can be achieved in your SMSF accounting function through the engagement of JWH Tax & Super Accounting for a fast, efficient, and high-quality SMSF audit service.

We embrace and maintain the professional standards, competency requirements and quality control expected of members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

We offer efficient and cost-effective audit and assurance services with several key advantages, including:

  • True independence.
  • Protection of your client relationship.
  • Experience of dealing with thousands of SMSF accounting, tax, compliance clients and audit matters over the 14 years of professional experience.
  • The principal has walked in the shoes of an SMSF Specialist Accountant who is now offering SMSF Audit services to professional practices and trustee/s.
  • All work is carried out by the principal. Therefore, you will expect only relevant audit queries, identification of matters that may require trustee/s, advisers and accountant’s attention.
  • The utilisation of own SMSF accounting, tax, audit queries and compliance experience throughout the audit process that will reduce your frustration and time dealing with the audit queries. You may be dealing with the SMSF auditors who outsource the core SMSF audit functions to the overseas processing center and the Australian SMSF auditor is not spending enough time and professional judgments on jobs that are costing your time to resolve unnecessary audit queries and may put clients and your practice at risk.
  • Home office-based practice operation with an appropriate and dedicated corporate style office set up with council approval to protect client confidentiality and privacy that will result in passing on savings to my clients.
  • Over 14 years of professional practice experience as a Chartered Accountant and SMSF Specialist Accountant (professional experience gained from National Australia Bank – MLC, MGI Parkinson Chartered Accountants, Nexia Perth, PKF Lawler (Manager), Shakespeare Partners (Manager).
  • Committed to providing accurate, value-added and top-quality service.
  • Speedy delivery and top-quality service at a highly affordable fee. The fast turnaround times will ensure annual returns are lodged on time.
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